Branding – Identity, Outreach and Consistency

Massive brands need huge public relations campaigns and a consistent flow of journalistic articles and media coverage. We have all heard mentions of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, whether it be online, in print or broadcast to us in our homes. There’s no doubt that a large budget helps to boost brand recognition, but for the rest of us – who cannot afford huge PR budgets or don’t have the fame of international brands – the domain name we choose matters much more. If you want website traffic, your domain name needs to be passed on easily by word of mouth. A catchy company name won’t get you noticed unless you have the budget to promote yourself successfully. Your best option is to say what you do on the tin. Your branding strategy shapes the public perception of your company and your professional reputation. Branding is not just about a logo, business cards and a website banner – a successful branding strategy is governed by the principles of Identity, Outreach and Consistency.

Identity: The basic components of your brand identity are logo, tag-line, business card and letterhead. In addition to these basic components, most companies will also need a website, a blog and a brochure. First impressions are important so make it a lasting one. The first time someone receives your business card, brochure or views your website; they will make a decision about who you are and the value of your company. A powerful tag-line should communicate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) creatively, but clearly. In other words, it should explain in one sentence what it is that you do and what value you bring to the table.

Target Audience: The most effective way to succeed at building your brand is to determine your target audience. Create a profile of your ideal customer and try to reach them with your message.

Be Consistent: You should use the same images and value propositions consistently across all marketing channels. Remember to separate business from personal when using social media.

A good brand strategy will deliver your message to your target market in clear and understandable language, it will create company credibility and connect with your ideal client emotionally. So when it comes to building your brand, you need to know what it is you are promising your customers as well as your potential customers.

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