Combating Writer’s Block

All writers will be familiar with writer’s block – it’s the total inability to write about a subject in an interesting and coherent manner. For those of you who run, it’s like the wall or those inexplicably difficult runs even though your raced around the track the day before. It can come on at any time and it’s hard to shift. Fortunately, writer’s block doesn’t normally effect you if you’re given a brief. The problem comes when you own your website and suddenly you find yourself becoming the jack of all trades – writer, web designer, social media boffin and self promoter. You see, writing for a living and then writing in your free time is like being in the office for 12 hours straight – something which most of us have done at some point in our lives but which we know doesn’t necessarily yield the best results.

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With a Company website, every word counts. The content has to be appealing, informative and attract people to your site. This means you have to produce relevant, interesting articles and copy which people will enjoy – more importantly your writing should encourage them to revisit your website. Not only do you have existing and potential clients to please, but you need to have a presence on Google. The more relevant content, including key words, which people might use in their searches for your type of Company, the more links you will get to your pages and this will help your ranking.

If you do find yourself staring at a blank page whilst time ticks away, try to break the cycle. Sometimes sheer determination works and on other occasions there’s no option but to go away and come back. It’s better to go and do something completely unrelated and come back to it – physical exercise, cooking or reading can all help. If you’re writing a blog then try changing the subject matter. It’s all very well trying to churn something out, but the bottom line is you have to be interested in what you’re writing in order to produce decent copy, which your readers will find engaging. My final tip is to look for inspiration. Personally, I look at news websites, other blogger’s subject matters, You Tube, Google Trends and I think about what I have learnt, struggled with or aced in the last few weeks and I spin it into copy.


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