Five Essential Copywriting Cs

Whatever medium you are copywriting for, you need to make sure you get the maximum impact from your words. Ask yourself questions like why am I writing this? Who is my target audience? What am I trying to say? Don’t just brain storm, but plan what you need to say before you start writing, so that your copywriting has a clear message which is aimed at the right audience. Use positive and inspiring language – tell the reader what they can and will achieve. I’ve put together a list of five essential copywriting Cs to help you:

Concise – keep your copy short and keep it simple. Don’t use industry jargon and get to the point!

Clear – you have a nano second to get someone’s attention and even less time to keep it. Make sure your message is clear.

Creative – the more interesting, quirky or different your copywriting, the more attention you’ll get.

Casual – communicate as if you are talking to someone and not writing a formal letter. The web is an informal medium so use that to your advantage.

Catchy – make sure your copywriting leaves a lasting impression and make it Current (okay, so that’s six copywriting Cs, but it’s just as important as the other pointers!).

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