EX Magazine Engages With Young Professionals

Everybody is talking about EX. Well, everybody in Exeter anyway. EX is new glossy magazine launched by Northcliffe media to attract readers who feel disconnected to the local and regional papers – and the existing magazine offerings. And it’s working. A young doctor and a former classmate from my days at The Maynard School, contacted me on Facebook to say she had seen my name peppered throughout the magazine, she read the articles and she liked the product. Olympic swimmer and world record holder Liam Tancock (pictured below) tweeted about EX after being alerted to his frontpage status. Former colleagues, friends and family are squabbling over copies, which can only mean one thing – a magazine like this is long overdue.

EX has tapped into a rare gap in the market, a section of society that doesn’t want to be reminded that we are still in a recession because they have a disposable income. It’s packed full of fashion, gardening tips, chef-talk, sections for petrol heads, military enthusiasts, time keepers and Olympic athletes. It’s fresh and modern and not weighed down with talk of cream teas and pasties (admittedly there is one mention of cream teas, but when it comes from Liam Tancock who are we to argue). The point is, it doesn’t treat its Westcountry readers as if they have never travelled further afield than Cornwall or Dorset. It’s a reflection of where Exeter is now and in my opinion, that’s why so many people are connecting with it.

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