HRH The Prince Of Wales Reads The Weather

With the Olympic torch relay in full stride, the Diamond Jubilee just around the corner, the Games on verge of starting and the sun finally shining, it seems fitting to celebrate everything British. Over the last few weeks I have interviewed Olympic athletes, reported on the Queen’s visit to Exeter and written about Britain’s culinary talents. The shops are full of red, white and blue regalia and I’m even getting an impression of what it might be like to be a Royalist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to bedeck my house in the Union Jack, but I do feel a certain kinship with my fellow Brits. Even HRH The Prince of Wales is at it, bonding with the broadcasters and producers on a visit to the BBC Scotland’s studios. Whilst there, he stunned the nation by trying his hand at being a weather forecaster – and he wasn’t half bad. His normally, slightly somber, stuffy exterior gave way to a twinkling eye and a sense of humour. The reaction to his lunch-time weather report was supportive, people were impressed by his natural ability in front of the camera and his willingness to send himself up. The spontaneous weather report has endeared him to those of us who perhaps, for whatever reason, had dismissed him as a little pompous and out of touch.

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