Inspire People To Action With Great Content

Think about the last thing you became absorbed by on the Internet. Were you reading, listening or watching something? Was it the language, the subject matter, the presentation or the effects which got your attention? What made you keep reading, listening or watching? It’s important to remember that your content should not only interest people but inspire them to take action – whether it’s engaging with you via a blog, buying a product or enlisting your services. In order to create content which engages successfully with people you must decide what your goal is. In other words, what action do you want them to take? Once you have decided what affect you want your content to have on people (for example a charity might want people to donate after watching a short video), then you can start to monitor what type of content works best. Here are some top tips to help you create engaging content which inspires people to action:

1. Be proactive. Use your content to engage with people and ignite emotion. Charities are experts at using provocation – through campaigns and publicity materials – to bring about action. ShelterBox, a charity I work closely with, created a powerful video to encourage people to donate after the Japanese tsunami. Watch the video below and see if it makes you want to donate or fundraise for ShelterBox.

2. The eureka moment. This refers to the moment a reader has a sudden realisation that what you are talking about or offering to them is the answer to their problem. For example, 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy was an instant hit. Rather than telling people what they needed to be happy, it told them what to give up or let go of. By discussing the topic in an original way it engaged with people and the blog went viral.

3. Make it relevant. Make your content relevant to your business. Will your content appeal to your target audience? Provide your audience with advice, guidance and entertainment which is relevant to their lives. Where possible you should incorporate current trends and news stories.

4. Deliver what you promise. Every company, either directly or indirectly, promises to solve something for their audience. Whether it’s improving a company’s media coverage or fixing a hot tub, your customers need to feel that you and your firm can meet their needs. What can your company do that other businesses don’t or won’t do?

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