Link Building

Link building makes a big difference in the search engine rankings. Well written, catchy headlines always draw people in whether it is a commercial, a billboard or on the internet. Much like journalism, the headline of your website and the summary content or the first par should hook the audience in and make them want to read on and engage further with your website.

Aside from the webpage content, blogging can also help to build links – especially when the blog is about something which is in the news or being talked about. Guest blogging can also be a good way of building links to your website. Utilising social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also increase web traffic.

When a user enters a query into a search engine, the search engine needs to determine how to return the best results. The search engine returns pages on the web which are related in any way to the query, but this can bring up mixed results and they are not always the ones you were looking for. The key is to evaluate which of the pages that relate to the query are the most important, or the most authoritative in regard to that query. One of the biggest factors in deciding that is the link profile of the site containing the web page being evaluated, and the link profile of that page itself. 

In principle, each link to a web page is seen as a vote for that web page. In simple terms, if there are two pages that are equally relevant to a given search query, the page with the better inbound link profile will rank higher than the other page.

Three things to remember are:

  • Relevance. If the link comes from a site that is on the same topic as your website site (or a closely related topic), than that link is worth more than links which come from a site with an unrelated topic.
  • Authority. Within any given market space there are sites that are considered by the search engine as authoritative. 
  • Trust. Search engines attempt to measure how much they trust a site. If a site is highly trusted, its vote will count for more than if it is not that trusted. A trusted site will also tend to have higher rankings on related search phrases. Does the website have other trusted sites link to it? Links from trusted sites improve the trust score of the site and page receiving the links.

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