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LinkedIn has brought professional networking into the social media age. The Company has been established as one of the top social networking sites for individuals and business owners who want to network and broaden their horizons in relation to potential clients and new business ideas. In order to succeed at marketing yourself or your Company on LinkedIn you need to adhere to two simple rules: sell your skills and get other people to sell you. Your LinkedIn profile is like an online CV which includes an image and recommendations as well as displaying your contacts. Even without knowing who you are, potential business partners or clients can find out about you and your business from other professionals. More than 135million people use the professional networking site, which has become a platform for building personal and professional networks from all over the world. The question is, how do you convert networks into customers and likes into sales?


1. Join LinkedIn groups and learn from your peers. Find out what businesses’ needs are in your industry. Share ideas, problems and solutions with people in the groups and expand your network. This will allow you to build relationships with potential customers.


2. Build relationships that count. LinkedIn will connect you to people in different industries, in different countries and with companies of different sizes – make sure you network with people who you would happily spend time talking with at a networking event.

3. Link up your social media. Make sure your Twitter updates can be seen by your network and drive traffic to your website through product and Company updates and promotions.


4. Use LinkedIn Ads. Advertise your Company by targeting your ideal customer by age, location or business type.


5. Get recommendations. Like website testimonials, LinkedIn recommendations can really help to boost a Company’s credibility. Offer recommendations to other businesses and in turn you should get offers coming in.


6. SEO. Make sure your profile is complete and spend time making sure you include key words in your skills section. You can also customise your URL to give your Company’s name rather than a bunch of numbers.




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