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A young child watches students play on the grounds of Arts College at Osmania University, Hyderabad, AP – India.

Striking, clear, high quality images are key to getting media coverage. Whether a photo is being sent accompanying a piece of editorial (in print or online), to be included in an advert or as part of a competition, the power of good photography should never be underestimated.

These days, it’s tempting to use “point and shoot” cameras to take photographs of the day, but unless you’re a professional then its unlikely to be publishable. It’s imperative for the image to be focused, framed properly and be lit properly. If it isn’t then a lot of media outlets won’t use it.

So no matter how good your copy, you have to supply a good quality image which relates to your copy.  No image or a badly taken photograph which is too low resolution will seriously deplete your chances of getting media coverage. Granted, social media does not require as high a resolution image as print, but te same principles apply – images are the first thing to either entice or turn away a reader.

Picture editors (and news editors) look for well written, clear copy and original images. Steer clear of overtly branded photos, cheque presentations or handshake photographs. Make sure your photo gets a clear message across so avoid over-populated photographs.

Photo captions are a must when supplying imagery to photo editors and it’s important to give a left-right of first and second names of people in the photograph. Always make sure you have the right permissions to publish the photo – from the photographer to parents of any children featured in the image.

Finally, when commissioning a photographer, make sure you request that all photos are shot both portrait and landscape. Some images may work better one way but depending on space in the relevant publication or website, offering images in both layouts could guarantee you coverage due to offering flexibility.


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