Mountain Chalet Company

Mountain Chalet Company is owned and run by myself and my partner. We worked with designers to create and hone the company branding. We wanted a very clean website which was image led and simple to navigate. We liked the idea of having music alongside the image slideshow because it’s emotive and helps to create a storyline or picture of what the holiday would be like for a potential client. In the future we hope to add a storyline video to further enhance our website experience.

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    Mountain Chalet Company
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Our luxury chalets offer skiers and sun-seekers the chance to relax in a genuine mountain top retreat with spectacular scenery. Guests at our spacious and lovingly restored chalets enjoy dramatic views of the Chamonix valley, whether blanketed in snow or covered in alpine flowers. With plenty of activities on offer all year round, it's the perfect holiday destination. So if you're searching for a winter wonderland or a summer alpine adventure, look no further...Read more

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