Public Relations Campaign Advice

PR-Strategy-2 Public relations campaignWhat you should know before starting a public relations campaign:

A strong public relations campaign can completely turn around the successful launch of a product, service or company. The most important thing is to plan. Plan how you are going to approach the campaign from key messages, target audiences, media messaging and resources.  Here are four questions to ask yourself before moving forward:

1. Who is the Target?

Know who you want your campaign to target. Who is your audience? What age are they? What profession do they have? Where do they live? What lifestyle choices do they make? Only after you know who the target is, can you begin to figure out the rest of the campaign. Different targets require different tactics, and missing on this step can doom a PR operation before it even begins.

2. What’s the Best Way to Reach Them?

Once the target has been identified, then it is time to pick your weapon of choice. Pick how you are going to reach out to them. Older audiences still prefer traditional media, like TV, radio, mail, and print, while younger audiences tend to be networked into social media and online sources, as well as television. Think about what language will strike a chord with your target audience – would they respond better to a lot of explanation or short, punchy text?

3. Where Are Your Resources?

Whatever your budget you need to create buzz around the PR campaign. How many of your targeted outlets will work with you? try to think of ways of engaging the publications or media outlets you have targeted – make sure talking about your campaign will meet their needs too.

4. What Does Victory Look Like?

Depending on the end goal, what does a victory look like? A five percent growth in brand recognition? Doubling yearly donations? Moving past a bad press moment? Landing a big supporter? You can’t “win” until you know what victory looks like, and then work to make it happen.

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