The Gold Digger

“I’ve just bought two thousand pounds worth of gold. It’s about 95 grams.”

English: Gold bars created by Agnico-Eagle

Gold Bars

The optometrist had spent a third of his Isa on the so-called financial safe haven upsetting his dad in the process. “How do you know if you’ve bought it?” I asked, concerned at the ease at which he had parted with so much money over the internet. “You get a certificate and it’s held in a vault in London,” he replied reassuringly. I couldn’t decide if he had completely lost the plot after years of testing children for squinty eyes, or if the optometrist was on to something.

Money is losing its’ value and worried investors are harking back to Roman times and lining their pockets with the precious yellow metal. One American woman is being accused of lining her handbag with £8million worth of gold – not in one go you understand.

This trusted employee of one of America’s biggest jewellers, stole more than 500lbs of gold slipping earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings into the lining of her black leather bag on a daily basis. Prosecutors allege that the 50 year old vault manager, Teresa Tambunting, repeatedly stole glittering items of gold over five years. When someone at the firm finally cottoned on to the inventive inventory, police searched the gold digger’s house. Officers found her haul in 12 big buckets which she kept in the basement of her suburban home like lost treasure.

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