Finding Your Tone Of Voice (Copywriting)

As people, we communicate in three ways; the way we look, the way we sound and the way we behave. So why should it be any different when it comes to your Company? Your Company’s identity is represented by every employee, all of your literature, your logo and your website. Effective copywriting is key to getting your message across in your tone of voice, so that your Company’s communication is consistent. If you are friendly, then sound friendly and don’t use industry jargon!

What we say is a result of our experiences, our goals and our principles; but how we say it is down to our personality.

Don’t get me wrong, the content of your copy is crucial to how you come across – are you professional, trustworthy, do you know what you are talking about, do you have the right experience – but it’s your tone of voice which results in the successful delivery of your message.

Let’s take one of my latest web copywriting projects as an example. The Dame Hannah Rogers Trust provides education, care, therapy and outdoor pursuits for children and adults with profound physical and learning disabilities in Devon. I was asked to refresh the charity’s website to make it friendlier, more accessible and less clinical. The challenge for me was making sure their professionalism and expertise came across, that their inclusive and holistic approach was apparent, and that they were friendly (visit and see if you think I have achieved this). Remember, copywriting is a balancing act, but once you have found your tone of voice the content usually takes care of itself.


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