Video and PR

Finding new ways to engage and excite your target audience is absolutely essential to achieving long-term success. The best way to spread your message and ensure maximum coverage is through a multi-channel PR approach. One of the channels that should be a staple in distributing your content is video. The simple fact is that videos are engaging and interesting in a way that press releases, blog posts, email newsletters and other forms of content aren’t. There are numerous video sharing websites including Vimeo, Instagram and of course Youtube which attracts more than one billion visitors each month who collectively watch a staggering six billion hours of video every month. Videos can be used for 3D press releases, company announcements, product launches, crisis response, interviews, event coverage and testimonials.

Tips and advice:

      • Keep videos short and to the point

      • Make your videos entertaining, engaging, and emotionally compelling

      • Make it easy to share your videos

      • Make sure the quality of video reflects what you are using it for. For example, it may be fine to use a DIY video for a blog post, but use a skilled videographer for the launch of a product

      • Remember who your target audience is

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